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11 April 2024

Through a rabbit hole to distant quasars

The magazine “Za nauku” published an interview with Evgenia Kravchenko, in which she talks about her achievements and the achievements of the laboratory staff included in the group of her RSF grant in the study of active galactic nuclei. And also about what inspires her in her scientific work, and how studying distant quasars is related to real satellite navigation today and fantastic space travel in the future!

25 March 2024

Lab in media: Scientists take a look at the young Universe with the help of distant quasars

Read in "Za Nauku" (in Russian) The press release is based on the article in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society describing the results of Nikita Kosogorov’s master’s thesis, completed in our laboratory under the supervision of Yuri Kovalev in 2022.

19 March 2024

Lab in media: Astrophysicists have determined the restless nature of the black hole jet in the M87 galaxy

Read in "Za Nauku" (in Russian) Image credit: Nature.

29 February 2024

Lab in media: Astrophysicists have visualized the structure of the black hole jet of the M87 galaxy

Read in "Za Nauku" (in Russian)

7 February 2024

Lab in media: In the Russian Federation, astrophysicists have developed a new approach to studying black hole jets

Read in "TASS Science"

27 November 2023


to the group led by Prof. Vasily Semenovich Beskin on winning the RSF grant for small groups "Radiation and propagation of radio waves in strongly magnetized astrophysical flows"!

18 September 2023

New season of AstroCoffee!

We invite first-year undergraduate students to “Astrophysical Coffee” - classes on the basics of astrophysics in a relaxed atmosphere. You can discuss the latest astrophysical news, learn first-hand about astrophysical departments and laboratories of MIPT, and perhaps get involved in scientific work. Takes place on Mondays at 17:05 in 206 LC, lecturer - V.S. Beskin

8 September 2023

Summer school

The second Summer School of Astrophysics was held from August 14 to 25 at the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory. A detailed report on the school can be found here. Of the 20 participants, seven are MIPT students. These are Daniil Kozlov, Daniil Kurylenko, Valentin Nezabudkin, Veronika Pluzhnikova, Vladimir Fedorov, Vyacheslav Chernosov, Artyom Churilkin. Laboratory staff took part in organizing and conducting the school: V.S. Beskin, E.V. Kravchenko, A.V. Plavin and D.I. Zobnina - as teachers; E.E. Nokhrina, Y.Y. Kovalev and V.S. Beskin - as members of the scientific organizing committee.

11 July 2023


to the group led by Evgenia Kravchenko on the extension of the RSF grant for young scientists "Mechanisms of magnetohydrodynamic launch of relativistic jets in active galactic nuclei and related phenomena"!

30 June 2023


to the students of our lab Arseny Istomin, Fedor Knyazev, Ivan Kostrichkin, Vladislav Makeev, and Roman Todorov on the successful defense of their bachelor's theses, and Timur Khalilov on the successful defense of his master's thesis!

21 June 2023

Summer school

From August 14 to 25, 2023, the second Summer School in Astrophysics will be held at the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory (PRAO) in Pushchino, Moscow Region. Lectures and practical classes will cover the following topics: active galactic nuclei, interstellar dust, cosmology, very long baseline radio interferometry. Among the lecturers are leading scientists of the LPI Astrospace Center and our laboratory.

A report on the previous school can be viewed here.

Applications for participation in the school are accepted until July 20 at the link.

28 April 2023


Three the students of the laboratory: Arseny Istomin, Ivan Kostrichkin, and Vladislav Makeev - became the winners of the scientific works competition of the 65th MIPT conference in the LPR section!

The winners are given the right to enter the MIPT LPR master's program without entrance exams.

30 November 2022

Lab in media: Russian astrophysicists have found and studied neutrino emission of the Milky Way

Read in "TASS.Nauka"

26 October 2022

Lab in media: Interstellar dust let scientists look at the Milky Way from distant galaxies

Read in "Naked Science"

3 October 2022

New head of the lab!

Elena Nokhrina has became the new head of our laboratory.

28 September 2022


Elena Nokhrina has defended her Doctor of Sciences thesis.
Alexander Popkov has defended his PhD thesis.

1 September 2022

Student projects

Project ideas proposed by the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory.

11-22 July 2022

Summer School

The 2022 Summer School For Astrophysics at the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory

7 April 2022


Alexander Plavin has defended his PhD thesis.

27 January 2022

Alexander Plavin has become a laureate of the Moscow award to young scientists.

22 January 2022

Lab in media: "RadioAstron" helps discover a binary black hole system

Read in "Scientific Russia"

October 2021

Popular lecture "Lighthouses of the Universe: active galactic nuclei" and an open lecture course "Active Galactic Nuclei" by Andrey Lobanov at MIPT.
YouTube: Lighthouses of the Universe: active galactic nuclei | Lecture course "Active Galactic Nuclei"

11 August 2021


Valeria Frolova has became a PhD student at MIPT advised by Elena Nokhrina.

6 July 2021

Paul Boley and his group with extension of the RSF grant.

1 July 2021

Lab students Nadezhda Dmitrienko, Ivan Kramarenko, Valeriya Frolova have defended their diploma.

10 June 2021

Lab student Ivan Kramarenko has won a scholarship for MSc studies at the University of Geneva.

April 2021

International Astronomical Union

Elena Nokhrina has become an IAU member. Yuri Kovalev has become an IAU radio astronomy commission committee member.

15 April 2021

Lab in media: Telescopes have joined for unprecedented black hole observations


February 2021

Mentored Astrophysics Projects

We invite interested 1st- and 2nd-year students to participate in astrophysical projects mentored by our lab members. Available mentors and projects:

19 February 2021

Lab in media: Supermassive blackholes are said to produce all neutrinos


10 January 2021

Lab in media: Noone: … Absolutely noone: … «Meduza»: Actually, neutrinos are the most important in 2021!


25 December 2020

Lab in media: top-10 discoveries of 2020 in Russia

Physicists have located the most mysterious particle in the Universe: our results made it into top-10 scientific discoveries of the year according to RSCF.

19 December 2020

ANTARES Collaboration

Our laboratory became an observer member of the ANTARES collaboration for joint research on the topic of high-energy neutrinos and blazars.

11 December 2020

Lab in media: LISA Mission: New Astrophysical Sense

Popular Mechanics

5 December 2020

Lab in media: Cosmic supercolliders and the most mysterious particle in the Universe


September 2020

Extra astrophysical education for 1-2 year students

Our lab, together with the Space Research Institute and the Lebedev Physical Institute, invites first-year students to participate in the Astrophysical Coffee on Tuesdays, 18:35, 206 LK [details].

5 September 2020

Lab in media: The signal from a black hole merger was detected on Earth 7 billion years later. Why does this intrigue scientists?

Radio France International

1 September 2020

Lab in media: European VLBI Network Newsletter

Today's issue of the European radio telescope network featured works from our lab:

25 August 2020

Lab in media: NASA Missions Explore a ‘TIE Fighter’ Active Galaxy

NASA reports results obtained with the participation of lab members.
Read at NASA | RIA.News

August 2020


Yuri Kovalev is now a Science Ambassador of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Russia.

28 July 2020


The "Neutrino and Particle Astrophysics" project has won the large scientific projects competition.
Our lab is a part of the consortium in this project. Over the next years we will develop and expand the high-energy particle astrophysics together with our colleagues from other institutions in this consortium: INR, JINR, LPI, SAO, etc.

07 July 2020


Evgenia Kravchenko has won the RSF competition for scientific groups lead by young scientists.

29 June 2020


29 June 2020 our lab students Mariya Demyanenko, Nikita Kosogorov, and Evgeny Tsyplakov defended their BSc diploma at MIPT.

08 June 2020

Lab in media: Cosmic quasars embrace 1970s fashion trend


13 May 2020

Lab in media: Where neutrinos come from


April 2020


The D.V. Skobeltsyn prize has been awarded to Alexander Plavin, a PhD student in our laboratory.

31 March 2020


The group led by Andrey Lobanov has won the RSF competition for leading scientists projects. The project name is "Formation and propagation of relativistic outflows in active galaxies".

26 February 2020

Lab in media: 3D glasses for quasars


January 2020


The Komissarov foundation has supported Ivan Kramarenko, a student at our laboratory.

16 December 2019


Evgenia Kravchenko won the competition for scientists with international work experience and will join our lab.

November 2019

Visit of Andrey Lobanov

A visit of Andrey Lobanov to MIPT is planned for November 25 - December 6, 2019.
December 2 – open lecture «Black holes: chasing the shadow».

November 2019


Y. Y. Kovalev, V. S. Beskin, S.V. Babak became participants of the leading advisors program at MIPT.

17 September 2019

Black hole mass can be determined "by eye"


September 2019

Visit of Leonid Petrov

A visit of Leonid Petrov to MIPT is planned for September 30 - October 4, 2019.

August 2019


RFBR supports projects of PhD students advised by Yuri Y. Kovalev in our laboratory: Alexander Plavin (Quasar jets at sub-parsec scales) and Alexander Popkov (Active galactic nuceli: relation between their radio spectra and VLBI structure).

August 2019

Summer practice 2019

Ivan Kramarenko: Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, July 2019.
Topic – VLBI data processing and AGN properties from radio to gamma waves, mentor – Alexander Pushkarev.

Alexander Plavin: National Radio Astronomy Observatory, June-August 2019.
Topic – MeerKAT Polarization Commissioning, mentor – Bill Cotton.

March 2019

Visit of Stanislav Babak

A visit of Stanislav Babak is planned for 31 March 2019 - 20 April 2019. A course on gravity waves from binary mergers will be held: see details.
Online lectures with basic information: 1 2 3 4.
Course has been completed, video lectures are available.

April 2019

Presentation and talk about our lab at the MIPT open day on April 14, 2019.

February 2019

Grant RSF 16-12-10481 «Synchrotron self-absorption in the nuclei of active galaxies: astrophysics and applied applications» (extended for years 2019-2020) is extended for years 2019-2020. Grant head is Y.Y.Kovalev.
Y.Y. Kovalev is included in the Expert Council of the Russian Science Foundation for the Presidential Grant Program.

September 2018

Visit of Leonid Petrov

A visit of Leonid Petrov to MIPT is planned for October 1-5 2018.

10 September 2018

Elena Nokhrina was awarded the title of Docent on September 10th, 2018.

July 2018

Paul Boley was awarded a grant from the Presidental Program of the Russian Science Foundation.

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