Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Research of Relativistic Objects of the Universe

Group leader: Prof. Yury Yuryevich Kovalev. Our laborary is a part of the Phystech School of Fundamental and Applied Physics.
The Laboratory is focused on fundamental studies of relativistic astrophysical objects (pulsars, young stars, binary systems, active galactic nuclei and supermassive blackholes) and their application to refining the inertial reference frame.

Research Areas

Details about research projects.

Mechanisms of collimation, acceleration and radiation of relativistic plasma in quasar jets.
Leading scientists Y. Y. Kovalev, E. E. Nokhrina, V. S. Beskin, E.V. Kravchenko, A.P. Lobanov, A. Tchekhovskoy.
Stellar objects: structure of pulsar magnetospheres; accretion disks and outflows from young stars.
Leading scientists V. S. Beskin, E. E. Nokhrina, P. A. Boley, A. A. Philippov.
Studies of gravitational waves from black hole binaries and other closer binary systems.
Leading scientists S. .V. Babak.
Improvement of the inertial coordinate system using observations of astrophysical objects.
Leading scientists L. Y. Petrov, Y. Y. Kovalev.
Active galactic nuclei studies with multimessenger astronomy, including electromagnetic waves and high-energy neutrinos.
Leading scientists Y.Y Kovalev, A.V. Plavin, A. Tchekhovskoy.

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