Research projects

Students interested in pursuing a topic in observational and theoretical astrophysics for their diploma, master's or doctoral thesis are encouraged to select from the research areas of our Laboratory. For additional information, please contact Elena Nokhrina.

Project description will be added soon.

Mechanisms of collimation, acceleration and radiation of relativistic plasma in quasar jets.
Leading scientists Y. Y. Kovalev, E. E. Nokhrina, V. S. Beskin.
Stellar objects: structure of pulsar magnetospheres; accretion disks and outflows from young stars.
Leading scientists V. S. Beskin, E. E. Nokhrina, P. A. Boley, A. A. Philippov.
Studies of gravitational waves from black hole binaries and other closer binary systems.
Leading scientists S. .V. Babak.
Improvement of the inertial coordinate system using observations of astrophysical objects.
Leading scientists L. Y. Petrov, Y. Y. Kovalev.

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