Research projects

The laboratory invites interested students and post-graduate students to work on projects for their diploma, master's or doctoral thesis within the research areas of observational and theoretical astrophysics listed below.

For additional information, please contact Elena Nokhrina.

Specific projects for students and young researchers coming to our lab are selected to fit individual preferences.

Examples (in Russian) of specific scientific problems.

Other projects are also possible within the following areas:

Mechanisms of collimation, acceleration and radiation of relativistic plasma in quasar jets.
Leading scientists E. E. Nokhrina, V. S. Beskin, E. V. Kravchenko, A. V. Popkov, I. N. Pashchenko, M. M. Lisakov, A. B. Pushkarev, Y. Y. Kovalev, A.P. Lobanov.
Radio pulsars evolution, their magnetosphere structure, and wave propagation effects in the process of the formation of their observed average profiles.
Leading scientist V. S. Beskin.
Active galactic nuclei studies with multimessenger astronomy, including electromagnetic waves and high-energy neutrinos.
Leading scientists Y.Y Kovalev, A.V. Plavin, A. V. Popkov.
Improvement of the inertial coordinate system using observations of astrophysical objects.
Leading scientists Y. Y. Kovalev, A. V. Popkov.

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