Grants and Awards

Grants that currently fund the lab activity in addition to the 5-100 program budget are marked with color


Yury Y. Kovalev

  • Head of Grants:
    • RSF 16-12-10481 «Synchrotron self-absorption in the nuclei of active galaxies: astrophysics and applied applications» (extended for years 2019-2020);
    • RFBR 13-02-12103 «Universe from radio to gamma bands»;
    • RFBR 12-02-33101 «Radiointerferometric Studies of Central Active Nuclear Galaxies»;
  • 2017: Friedrich Bessel Prize, Alexander Humbolt Society, Germany
    President of the Humbolt Foundation awards Yu.Yu. Kovalev with Wilhelm Bessel Prize;
  • 2016: elected as a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • 2016: Honorary title Professor of RAS;
  • 2015: Medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, II degree;
  • 2012: Prize for Young Doctors of Science, Dynasty Foundation;
  • 2010: Astronomy Prize, F. Bredikhin RAS.

Elena E. Nokhrina

  • 2020-2022: head of the RSF grant 20-62-46021 «Relativistic outflow formation and propagation in active galaxies».
  • Head of Grant 16-32-60074 "Study of the propagation of radiation in jets from active galactic nuclei";
  • 2014: the winner of the competition for the creation of new courses at MIPT;
  • 2006-2009: Landau scholarship for graduate students specializing in theoretical physics from the Juelich Center (Germany);
  • 2006-2008: Dynasty Foundation grant for graduate students.

Vasily S. Beskin

  • Head of Grants:
    • RSF 16-12-10051 «Astrophysical jet emissions: from observations to theory and laboratory experiment»;
    • RFBR 17-02-00788 «Electron-positron plasma in the magnetospheres of radio pulsars and active galactic nuclei: dynamics and emission generation»;
    • RFBR 14-02-00831 «Dynamic and collective processes in the magnetospheres of compact astrophysical sources»;
    • RFBR 11-02-01021 «High-energy processes in the magnetospheres of compact objects»;
    • RFBR 08-02-00749 «Unsteady processes in the magnetosphere of neutron stars»;
    • RFBR 05-02-17700 «Kinetic and hydrodynamic processes in compact astrophysical objects»;
    • RFBR 02-02-16762 «Acceleration of particles and radiation of electromagnetic waves in the magnetosphere of radio pulsars»;
    • RFBR 99-02-17184 «Formation and structure of relativistic and nonrelativistic jet emissions in compact sources»;
  • 2014: the winner of the competition for the creation of new courses at MIPT;
  • 1994: L. I. Mandelstam Prize in Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Paul A. Boley

  • 2018: Group leader of Russian Science Foundation grant 18-72-10132 (2018-2021): Studies of massive star-forming regions and massive young stellar objects with spatially resolved observations at optical and infrared wavelengths.

Alexander B. Pushkarev

  • Head of Grants:
    • RFBR 15-42-01020 "Silhouette of relativistic jets of active galactic nuclei: opening angles, collimation, and acceleration";
    • RFBR 17-02-00197 "Magnetic fields in active galactic nuclei";
  • 2016: Honorary title Professor of RAS;

Stanislav V. Babak

  • 2016: The Gruber Cosmology Prize (within LIGO collaboration)
  • 2016: Distinguished Science Award (within LIGO collaboration)
  • 2016: Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics (within LIGO collaboration)
  • 2012: Director’s award for scientific achievements at Albert Einstein Institute
  • 2010: BAR grant to purchase a computing cluster
  • 2008: DPG grant (within SFB Tier 7) on low-frequency gravitational waves
  • 2007: DLR (German Aerospace agency) grant for LISA data analysis

Andrey P. Lobanov

  • 2020-2022 гг: leading scientist in the RSF grant 20-62-46021 «Relativistic outflow formation and propagation in active galaxies».
  • 2020 г: Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics (within Event Horizon Telescope collaboration).

Alexander A. Philippov

  • 2017: NASA Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship;
  • 2016-2017: Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship, Princeton University — Princeton University’s top honor for graduate students in their last year;
  • 2015-2017: Nasa Earth and Space Science Fellowship;
  • 2012: scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation;
  • 2012: Dynasty Student Scholarship;
  • 2011: V.L. Ginzburg scholarship, LPI;
  • 2008-2009: Abramov-Frolov Foundation Scholarship.

Alexander V. Plavin

  • 2020: D.V. Skobeltsyn award for works of young scientists;
  • 2019-2021: RFBR grant 19-32-90141 for PhD students «Quasar jets at sub-parsec scales»;
  • 2017: graduated DCAM MIPT MSc program with distinction;
  • 2015: a WorldQuant scholarship;
  • 2015: graduated DCAM MIPT BSc program with distinction;
  • 2014: a Gazprombank scholarship;
  • 2011-2014: Abramov-Frolov Foundation Scholarship.

Alexander V. Popkov

  • 2019-2021: RFBR grant 19-32-90140 for PhD students «Active galactic nuceli: relation between their radio spectra and VLBI structure»;
  • 2017: graduated from Moscow State University with distinction.

Daria I. Zobnina

  • 2020-2022: RFBR grant 20-32-90108 for PhD students «Linear polarization variability of the parsec-scale jets of active galactic nuclei»;
  • 2018: graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with honours.

Ivan Kramarenko

  • 2020: grant from the Komissarov foundation

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